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We spent about 8 days in Iceland traveling around the perimeter of the island. The majority of our travel was on the Ring Road but we took a few detours along the way to see some sights.

Before the trip to Iceland, I planned out where we’d sleep each night. I wanted to stay in Airbnbs and found a different one each night so we could explore as much as possible.

We ended up staying in one hotel just because there were no Airbnbs in that area. All of the accommodations were good, some better than others. Here’s where we stayed so you can decide if you want to stay in any of the same places. Some of my pictures aren’t the greatest as we would arrive late and leave at the crack of dawn, but hopefully you get an idea of how they look.

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Day 1: Hagagil Apartment – Kópavogur, Capital Region, Iceland 

I would describe this one as a suite. It was labeled as an apartment. I didn’t really realize it was just a suite inside of a house until we got there. It was in a nice area, not too far from the airport, not too far from Reykjavik.

This was probably my least favourite accommodation of our entire trip, and one of our most expensive ones. It was fine for an overnight stop but wouldn’t stay there again. I guess we were expecting more for the price. I should mention that the walls were very thin and we could hear the owners talking quite loud as we shared a common wall.

Hagagil Apartment - Kópavogur, Capital Region, Iceland

View the Hagagil Apartment in Kópavogur, Capital Region, Iceland on Airbnb

Day 2: The Wee Cosy House – Árnessýslu, Iceland 

This was one of our favorite accommodation, a private cabin on a working horse farm. We arrived kinda late to the location as we were out exploring. It was starting to stay light late and we ended up getting there around 11 in the evening. The owners were very accommodating and let us into the place. The cabin had one bedroom and then also some bunk beds in the common area. It had a kitchen so you could make yourself some food and also a bathroom with a shower. In the morning we walked over the farm area and visited some of the animals. It was such a nice, peaceful place to stay. We’d definitely go back.

The Wee Cosy House - Iceland

Horse Farm Cabin Iceland

Cabin Rental in Iceland

View The Wee Cosy House in Árnessýslu, Iceland on Airbnb

Day 3: Foss Hotel, Glacier Lagoon

As I mentioned, we stayed at one hotel as I wanted to stay near the Glacier Lagoon. I really liked the Foss Hotel and would have stayed for several days. It was very modern and also had that rustic mountain vibe. They had an amazing breakfast buffet that came with the room. Yum! Highly recommend staying there.

Foss Hotel Glacier Lagoon

Foss Hotel Glacier Lagoon

Visit the Foss Hotel near Glacier Lagoon

Day 4: Homelike Apartment in Egilstaðir Egilsstaðir, Iceland 

We originally booked one of their other accommodations which I was excited about and then right before we left for our trip they told us that they double booked it through and asked if I could move to this apartment instead. I really wasn’t happy about it because I picked the other one for both the view and location. They told me that this apartment was worth more and that we could go visit the other location if we wanted on our way. Not what I wanted to hear, but I agreed because I didn’t really have any other option.

Anyways, the apartment was nice. We ended up doing some laundry there as they had a washer and dryer. This place would be good for a larger group as there were several beds, although the bedding wasn’t ideal. They had a lot more amenities than our other Airbnbs, it was more like a city place. The even had Netflix and wifi. I should mention that I didn’t book my accommodations based on if they had TVs and what not so if you’re looking for that in a place than the other ones in this post won’t be for you.

Homelike Apartment in Egilstaðir

Homelike Apartment in Egilstaðir

Apartment Rental Egilstaðir Iceland

Vist the Homelike Apartment in Egilstaðir Egilsstaðir, Iceland on Airbnb

Day 5:  Kotabyggð 1b (Cottage Lane 1b) – Akureyri, Northeast, Iceland  

This was a cute little cottage on the hillside, overlooking Akureyri. We quite enjoyed this place. The cottage had one main room with a kitchen area and bed. And it also a bathroom, perfect for two. We went and ate in town and came back and watched the sunset over the fjord and then passed out. It was a great place for two to relax and unwind. I wouldn’t recommend trying to fit more than 2 into this place.

Akureyri Cottage Rental

Akureyri Cottage Rental

Akureyri Cottage Rental

Akureyri Cottage View

Visit Kotabyggð 1b (Cottage Lane 1b) – Akureyri, Northeast, Iceland on Airbnb

Day 6: Apartment 2: Sea & Mountain Views – Sauðárkrókur, Iceland  

This was one of my favourite places just because it was modern and clean. Vicki, the host was lovely. She really went the extra mile to make our stay special. The apartment is inside an old post office, she bought the building and lives upstairs and turned the downstairs into two separate apartments. She has the apartment stocked everything you need for an extended stay. You can do laundry, cook a full meal and have a relaxing sleep. Vicki included breakfast for us which was a real treat so we didn’t have to find any in the morning. She even left some red wine to sip during the evening, which was well enjoyed. 🙂 I loved this location, it was perfect and it had such a cozy bed.

Apartment Rental Sauðárkrókur Airbnb

Apartment Rental Sauðárkrókur Airbnb

Apartment Rental Sauðárkrókur Airbnb

Visit Apartment 2: Sea & Mountain Views in Sauðárkrókur, Iceland on Airbnb

Day 7:  Berg 1. Horse Farm Life – Grundarfjörður, West Iceland 

This was also a favourite of mine. This was another cottage/cabin on a horse farm. This farm had a couple similar cabins near each other (although it didn’t feel like anyone was around). This was our final night and we didn’t really get to enjoy it due to a scheduling conflict during our trip that I’m not going to get into here. This location was just stunning! It’s right next to Mt Kirkjufell. I could literally see it outside of our window. It was amazing! The cabin was cute, had a bedroom with a few bunk beds, a bathroom and then the common area with a kitchen. They had wifi as well. One thing I will note is that is that we ran out of hot water on the second short shower in the morning. Besides that, it was a nice place to stay. The view was priceless, the best view on the trip.

Horse Farm Cabin Grundarfjörður, West Iceland 

Horse Farm Cabin Grundarfjörður, West Iceland 

Horse Farm Cabin Grundarfjörður, West Iceland 

Visit Berg 1. Horse Farm Life in Grundarfjörður, West, Iceland on Airbnb

When I told people I booked Airbnbs all over Iceland for our trip they thought I was insane, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was an amazing experience and we got to see more than most people probably see and also met some of the locals. We made the most out of our days getting up early and staying up late. You can sleep later when you are home, take advantage of the moment and the adventure. I can’t wait to go back to Iceland, and hope I can make it happen again!

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